About Me


About a decade ago I got an idea: I should set up an online store. I did just that starting my journey to digital commerce.

During the past ten years, my interest towards e-commerce has evolved into a passion for developing digital sales and customer experience. At university, I learned a thing or two about marketing. Years of entrepreneurship gave me an edge into the world of e-commerce. Past four years, I turned live chat operations into lean, mean sales machines in Finland and abroad. Today, I empower sales and customer service organisations with chatbots.

During daytime, I work as a sales director at Get Jenny building our customer base and sales organisation. I am committed to improving the effectiveness of our clients' online sales and customer service teams. With chatbots, our clients can automate up to 67% of their live chat conversations!

Rest of my time I spent following latest trends in tech. Today I am especially interested in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. I’m eager to see what’s the next big thing!

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