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Hello there, and welcome to my corner of the internet! I invite you to explore my thoughts, projects, and experiences below. Whether you are interested in Go-To-Market, sales, or technology, I hope I can help you get one step closer to achieving your goals.

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As a sales and marketing director at LINK Mobility, I help you meet modern customers' expectations. I'm leading our GTM efforts in Finland and the Baltics.

So what do we do then? We help you to connect with your customers. They want service and information through SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp. Our mobile messaging services enable you to meet your customers in their chosen channels.

LINK Mobility Oy
Olemme johtava mobiiliviestintäratkaisujen tarjoaja sekä rohkea CPaaS-edelläkävijä. Ratkaisumme mullistavat asiakkaiden, kumppaneiden sekä työntekijöiden välistä vuorovaikutusta yritysten kanssa.

LINK Mobility's Finnish website, pop in to see what we are up to!

LINK Mobility is a CPaaS provider headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We are one of Europe's leading providers of mobile communications services, specialising in mobile messaging. LINK’s 50,000 customers worldwide sent 17 billion messages in 2023. We continue to experience strong organic growth with a high recurring revenue. Group revenue was NOK 6.3 billion in 2023.

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My blog, where I delve into my experiences across various sales roles and other interests. Here, you'll find insights and content that doesn't quite fit with GTM Club or LINK Mobility but is hopefully equally intriguing.

Ilkka Vertanen
Hi! My name is Ilkka Vertanen. I’m a sales fanatic and an e-commerce enthusiast.

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