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GTM Leader | Growth Catalyst

Hello there and welcome to my corner of the internet! I invite you to venture into my thoughts, projects, and experiences below. Whether your interest is in Go-To-Market, sales or technology, I hope I can help you get one step closer to achieving your goals.

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Founded from a rich sales background, GTM Club is my initiative to bridge the gap between sales expertise and effective Go-To-Market strategies. It will be a platform where sales professionals can elevate their skills, share insights, and collaborate for market success. Members and newsletter subscribers gain access to sales-led GTM resources and strategies that enhance their GTM execution.

LINK Mobility Oy
Olemme johtava mobiiliviestintäratkaisujen tarjoaja sekä rohkea CPaaS-edelläkävijä. Ratkaisumme mullistavat asiakkaiden, kumppaneiden sekä työntekijöiden välistä vuorovaikutusta yritysten kanssa.

As a sales & marketing director at LINK Mobility, I help you to meet the expectations of a modern customer. Your customers expect service and information through channels such as SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp. Our mobile messaging services enable you to meet your customers in the channel of their choosing.

Ilkka Vertanen
Hi! My name is Ilkka Vertanen. I’m a sales fanatic and an e-commerce enthusiast.

My personal blog, where I delve into my experiences across various sales roles and other interests. Here, you'll find insights and content that doesn't quite fit with GTM Club or LINK Mobility, but is hopefully equally intriguing. Stay updated with my very occasional newsletter, especially if you're keen on sales, AI, technology, and gadgets.

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