I'm Ilkka Vertanen, sales fanatic and e-commerce enthusiast.

A decade ago I got an idea: I should set up an online store. I did just that starting my journey to digital commerce. During the past ten years, my interest towards e-commerce has evolved into a passion for developing sales, customer service, and customer experience.

At university, I learned a thing or two about marketing. Years of entrepreneurship gave me an edge in the world of e-commerce. For years, I turned live chat operations into lean, mean sales machines in Finland and abroad. Today, I help companies to improve customer and live chat agent experiences using human-directed AI.

At daytime, I work as a sales director at GetJenny building our customer base and scaling our sales organisation. Our human-directed AI chatbots automate robot-like conversations (up to over 70% of total chat volumes) speeding up service, increasing customer satisfaction, and allowing customer service agents to focus on tasks that require empathy, emotional intelligence, and life experience. Thanks to our platform, everyone (you, your customer service agents, and your customers) can focus on what they ❤️ to do.

Rest of my time I spent following latest trends in tech. I am especially interested in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. I’m eager to see what’s the next big thing!

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Image: My keynote about using AI to bring back personal touch to customer service at Visma Solutions'18 event in May 2018.

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