DMEXCO 2016 is now over. Here is my short recap of the second day (for yesterday's notes look no further). Unlike yesterday, this day was mostly for getting to know some of the 1000 exhibitors. Here are my top three observations from the day.

Conversational Commerce is in the spotlight.

Yesterday I was surprised not to see almost anything related to conversational commerce. Today, the theme was back in focus chatbots leading the charge. In their presentation, Outbrain and Spectrm gave not just interesting use cases for chatbots but a fascinating look under a hood of CNN chatbot. Also, they had built dmexcoBot to help attendees.

Local agencies are not jumping on the CRO bandwagon.

In the UK, there seems to a trend where digital/marketing/SEO experts are expanding their business to conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Based on today's conversations with German agencies they do not have similar ambitions (yet). Their focus is still heavily on generating traffic and optimising the beginning of the funnel. If I am mistaken, please reach out and correct me!

Stop saying "digital" this or this.

There is no longer a divide between digital and non-digital. That is in the past! There is just the customer to whom companies provide products/services/experiences which can have both digital and analogue building blocks. Digital part of the offering enables numerous new capabilities but doing or being digital has no value by itself.

DMEXCO is one humongous event where multiple exciting things happen simultaneously. There is no time to see all the exhibitors in two days. Help me to fill in the gaps. What are your picks for the second day?

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