Blogger Disclosure & Privacy Policy

Date: 23.05.2018
Contact person: Ilkka Vertanen
Email: (Change the zero to “o” (hello))
Place: Helsinki, Finland

Blogger Disclosure:

This website ( is a personal blog of Ilkka Vertanen.

  1. This website/blog is meant for Ilkka Vertanen’s personal use only and does not have any commercial ties to Ilkka’s current, former or future employers regardless of possibly overlapping and/or linked content (guest blogs, trade event reports, etc.).
  2. In case material is produced in a partnership (paid or otherwise), that content will be appropriately marked.
  3. The statements and views expressed are Ilkka Vertanen's personal opinions or, when relevant, personal opinions of a guest blogger(s).

Privacy Policy

This document covers practices regarding the information this website collects about its users. By using this website, you accept the following terms.

This website does not currently (or has no plans to do so in the future) collect revenue using ads. However, to provide specific functions, use of 3rd party services is required. Some of these services use cookies to target ads elsewhere on the Internet.

The services in use are following:

1. CMS and Hosting

  • Service: Ghost(Pro)
    • Reason for using: Ghost(Pro) is content management system (CMS). This website is built and run using the service.
    • This website is hosted by non-profit Ghost Foundation, the provider of Ghost(Pro).
    • See their privacy policy and DPA.

2. Website features

  • Service: Disqus
    • Reason for using: To enable commenting on the content.
    • Commenting on content on this page requires you accepting their T&C and Privacy policy.
    • A clip from their Privacy Policy: "Advertising is the primary way Disqus makes money. We are paid by advertisers to serve and share advertising content.”
    • Read their full privacy policy.
  • Service: AddThis
    • Reason for using: To enable easy sharing of the content to various social media platforms and using pop-up notifications.
    • Sharing on content from this site using their service requires you accepting their T&C and Privacy policy.
    • Read their privacy policy.

3. Communication

To provide interactive features, namely a chatbot, following services are used:

  • Service: Facebook Messenger
    • Reason for using: Messenger is used for implementing a chatbot (see below) and enabling chatting with Ilkka
    • Note: Using Facebook Messenger requires you to log in using your Facebook account.
    • See their privacy documentation.
  • Service: Chatfuel
    • Reason for using: To enable chatbot functionality.
    • Note: Engaging with chatbot (on this website or through Facebook) shares your Facebook profile with Chatfuel.
    • See their privacy policy.

Note about the chatbot:

Engaging with chatbot and Facebook Messenger plugin (on this website or through Facebook) shares parts of your Facebook profile (basic profile info such as name, profile picture, and link to full profile) with website admin (Ilkka Vertanen).

Through Chatfuel and Facebook’s tools, website admin has access to conversations between you and the chatbot. These conversations are used for improving the chatbot performance. The chatbot asks a separate consent for sharing future content with you. You can anytime cancel this permission by saying ”stop” to the bot or by just removing it from your Facebook Messenger account.

4. Analytics

To provide compelling content to users and to develop the site further, this website uses analytics tools to analyse user behaviour. For example, this means, but is not limited to, measuring how many times a piece of content is visited, how users find this site, and how they navigate on this site.

  • Service: Google Analytics
    • Reason for using: To understand how users use this website and what content they like.
    • User behaviour data is stored for 38 months from last session (time resets each visit).
    • See their privacy documentation.
  • Service: Linkedin Analytics

If this privacy policy would be changed in a material, adverse way, website admin will post a notice advising of such change on the front page ( homepage for at least 30 days. It is recommended that you revisit this document from time to time to notice any such changes.